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Street Portraits

The definition of street photography varies depending who you ask. For me, street photography is all about making images that have a strong human element. That doesn’t mean there has to be a person actually in the image, but there … Continue reading

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Dogs are people too

Dogs are people too. There. I said it. I can’t resist making an image of a dog if I see one. There has always been a dog in my family, for as long as I can remember. Dogs make great … Continue reading

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Understanding the Exposure Triangle

Everyone understands that good exposure goes a long way to making a good photograph. Right? But what actually makes a good exposure?  In this post we’re going to explore just what exposure means and how to achieve it.  First, we need … Continue reading

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The value of travel

Travel today is so easy for most people. Obviously there are many reasons some people can’t travel, but for those that can, it has never been easier. I remember my first trip to the US back in 1987 – the airfare … Continue reading

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