The meaning of success

Happiness is a means of measuring success

Happiness is a measure of success

Michael Rammell, a friend of mine over at posed the question “What is success?”

That got me thinking a little. So, what is the definition of success?

As Michael suggests, there really is no easy or definitive answer. There are many things that can be thought of as “successful” – but what one person might see as a success, another might not. Different people have different needs. Those needs change with time. It really isn’t an easy question to answer!

How do I define success? Well, obviously at some point in time finances have to come into the equation. That should never, in my opinion, be the driving force behind what defines success though. Success to me is being happy with what you’ve got. Enjoying life and being able to do what you want to do without having to worry about what other’s think, or how you are going to afford it.

If I choose to sell all my possessions, including my home and move around the country finding ‘odd jobs’ to survive – and that makes me happy, then as long as I make enough money to cover those meagre costs, I’m successful. If I choose to live in a luxury penthouse apartment in the centre of Sydney with a majestic harbour view, drive the latest Mercedes and wear fine Italian suits while dining at five star restaurants – then as long as I can cover the costs of that, I’m a success.

I really don’t think it matters to any great extent what we do. Everyone is different. Everyone has different needs and expectations. Those needs and expectations change depending on our circumstances and time of life. So long as we’re happy, I think we can say we’re successful.

So – here’s to a successful life for everyone. No matter how you measure it and how you achieve it!


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Photography is about vision; I love making photographs that tell a location’s story – the place, the people and the culture. I'm a photographer with a relaxed approach. I'm an experienced traveller and love teaching others about photography. Images can be made anywhere - right in your back yard or in exotic overseas locations. I can teach you not only to look at your surroundings, but also to really "see" what's there. Photography is more than just pressing a button. It's also about vision. Let me show you how to explore your world.
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